Semalt Expert Explains How Time Tracking Tools Can Improve Your SMM Performance

DuniaTeknologi.Info – Nowadays, we lose a lot of time and efforts in the untracked hours. According to various studies, the US economy loses approximately 7.4billion UDS every day due to this issue. Time tracking means accounting every second spent on tasks. For a business to be successful in a particular period, it has to keep tracking its time as well as other working milestones.
The Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, Oliver King, explains the main aspects of time tracking, which you have to consider in order to take your business to the next level.
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Time tracking can be done using many methods. For instance, spreadsheets can help you to maintain content, manage records, store information on a database as well as hassle free API sharing. For those who run e-commerce websites, spreadsheets can help business through remuneration, invoicing and keeping the record. Including here the record of time devoted to your SEO campaign can be a good move, which can bring in a steady flow of customers. This process can smoothen some business hitches such as intelligence reporting on areas of improvement, the estimate of project’s progress, cost estimates for prospective clients and instances of money leakages.

How to use time tracking to monitor social media campaigns

·         Give Actionable Business Intelligence

Social Media Marketers can use some of the available time tracking software solutions to automate their SMM and SEO campaigns. Such a software enables the ease of using spreadsheets to automate inventory as well as record keeping tasks of your e-commerce website. Efficient use of some of the SEO time tracking tools can make an organization save a lot of time.

·         Time Tracking Tools Improve the Internal Communication

For instance, these kind of software makes the different departments of an organization operate efficiently using a backed-up database. For example, a tool like Minterapp has a cloud backing up service which can help you to restore the operation of your website, say in the event of a downfall like cyber-crime.

Time Tracking Tools

These tools can help your social media marketing campaign in different ways:
  • 1. Harvest: Harvest can perform tasks such as invoicing, reporting, tracking expenditure and time. It entails features like setting default functions such as billing as well as invoices.
  • 2. Zoho: Just like Harvest, Zoho can also help with aspects like invoicing, reporting, estimating expenditure and tracking time. It supports aspects such as user accounts.
  • 3. Minterapp: this app has the simplest user interface. Some of the things Minterapp can do include cloud-based time tracking. It issues payment receipts of some of the major payments gateways such as PayPal, Stripe and Skrill.
In the field of e-commerce, time tracking is an important concept which can make one get the best out of the digital marketing strategies in place. For instance, most content management systems have numerous tools to guide them in different aspects of e-commerce. These can include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools such as Semalt Analyzer. These and many more tools collectively help users to get efficient ways of tracking and monitoring their progress against time. Using the tips stated above, you can track your time in different social media campaigns and make a lot of success.

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